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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

It takes a whole range of specialisations to make the impact Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) is having on the way Melburnians live, work and travel. Take a look at some of the disciplines we’ve recruited from so far to find out what opportunities are available in your field.

  • Engineering (Civil/Electrical/Mechanical)
    • Our engineers sit within a range of functions including our project delivery teams who oversee and coordinate LXRP's work to remove 75 of Melbourne's dangerous and congested level crossings and deliver three major rail projects.

      As an engineering graduate in the project delivery team you may work across a variety of areas including design, construction and project management. With the opportunity to work both on and off site, you will gain hands-on experience working with engineers and technical advisers from both LXRP and our Alliance partners in scoping and implementing our large scale, high-impact projects.

  • Finance/Business/Commerce/Law
    • As a finance, business, commerce or law graduate you may be interested in one of the opportunities below:


      As a graduate working in LXRP's Procurement team you will support experienced procurement and contract management professionals to source and sustain the supply of key goods and services. The Procurement team sources goods and services across a broad range of categories including IT, professional services, marketing and communications, and construction.

      You will gain knowledge in and be exposed to:

      • the development of specifications
      • tender documentation
      • contract management plans
      • our contract management system to record new contracts and contract variations.

      You will work closely with LXRP's finance operations staff to ensure suppliers are appropriately established, invoices paid, and contract expenditure is understood and managed. You will assist the Procurement team to ensure that compliance obligations, including contract disclosure requirements, are achieved.


      As part of the Commercial team, you will work alongside the passionate team of commercial managers who are eager to share their knowledge on all commercial aspects of the project. This includes:

      • establishing stakeholder commercial and project agreements to deliver the project
      • managing commercial risks and issues
      • coordinating interfaces with other project elements
      • contract management at various stages of the project.

      Working within a fast-paced and supportive environment, graduates will also have an opportunity to work with the project's external commercial advisers to provide commercial and risk management advice on various aspects of project planning, development and delivery. An undergraduate degree in either law, commerce, economics, business, management or a related field is essential.

  • Planning/Environment/Land Management/Surveying/Property Development
    • Graduates with backgrounds in planning, property, environment, land management, surveying or sustainability will work with our Engineering Program Services team.

      As a part of this branch, you will build skills and experience in all aspects of the team's specialisations, including:

      • Land and Property – managing land planning, leases, and compulsory and voluntary acquisitions.
      • Engineering and Technical Services – applying and managing engineering standards, change management, value engineering, and project requirements specifications.
      • Planning and Approvals – overseeing planning and environmental management, project approvals, urban design and sustainability.
      • Business Case Development – applying investment logic and developing project briefs to outline the key needs and drivers (for example, congestion, access, safety) of our work.
      • Property Development – overseeing property development matters, including providing management and guidance on the best value land use and urban renewal.
  • Human Resources (HR)
    • Graduates with a background in HR may rotate through the People and Culture and Industry Capability and Inclusion teams. Working within this discipline, you will gain knowledge and be exposed to a range of different functions and projects, including:

      • talent acquisition
      • people programs and operations
      • business partnerships
      • people analytics
      • business systems
      • promotion of diversity and social inclusion initiatives through employment programs, partnerships and social procurement
      • address skill shortages through new training pathways.

      Committed HR professionals will guide and empower you to be creative and contribute to strategic projects within each area.

  • Safety
    • Safety is one of our five CARES Values and an integral part of everything we do at LXRP.

      Working with the Safety team you will a gain a deep understanding of LXRP's LeadSafe strategy and behaviours, with exposure to both on and off site safety practices. You will also get to experience a day in the life of an LXRP safety adviser.

      You will learn all about our:

      • safety policy and plans
      • safety induction and training
      • site health and safety guidelines
      • contractor management
      • risk management
      • personal protective equipment
      • incident management
      • office health and safety (ergonomics).
  • Strategic Communications
    • LXRP's Strategic Communications team manages external and internal communications and engagement. This includes:

      • stakeholder engagement
      • customer experience
      • marketing and brand management
      • digital and social media
      • government and media relations
      • internal communications
      • design (graphics).

      On any given day members of the Strategic Communications team might be designing collateral for print and distribution, filming and editing drone footage of a project site, knocking on doors and talking to locals affected by a project, liaising with the Minister's office in response to media enquiries, working with our Alliance partners at our construction sites or site offices, or planning activities and events.

      As a graduate your experience within the team will be equally varied, providing you with a range of skills and opportunities to learn from our communications and engagement specialists.

  • Design (Graphics)
    • LXRP has established an in-house creative studio to support its market-leading brand recognition and management, and ongoing commitment to exceptional communications and engagement activities. A typical day for a graduate within the Design Studio could involve:

      • taking design briefs from senior designers
      • creating vector illustrations
      • assisting with the development of creative concepts
      • shadowing the senior designers
      • preparing digital presentations.

      You will gain experience in how we plan and deliver information about our projects. You will come to appreciate the essential role effective graphic design plays in helping us engage with our communities and stakeholders.

  • Information Technology (IT)
    • As a graduate working in LXRP's IT Projects and Services team you will support business systems officers to deliver the day-to-day operations of the team. This may include:

      • delivery of project related tasks
      • applying learnt knowledge of concepts and ideas to achieve innovative, efficient and effective delivery of services to internal and external customers
      • analysing existing processes to identify improvements
      • assisting the team to ensure the continued operational capability of systems
      • applying strategic thinking to develop and plan processes, standards and frameworks.
  • Graduate Learning Series
    • The Graduate Learning Series is an engaging and inspiring learning and development program that you participate in over the course of your two-year Graduate Program. The Graduate Learning Series aims to enhance graduates’ capacity to successfully deliver LXRP’s strategic blueprint and build important knowledge and skills required for effective performance and a successful career.

      Learning outcomes have been tailored to critical capabilities relevant to early career development, professional pathways and success on the project. At a general level, the Graduate Learning Series aims to build capability in areas such as:

      • self-awareness
      • understanding individual strengths and development areas and how this relates to individual and team performance
      • working with others
      • adaptability
      • effective planning, time management, influencing and problem-solving
      • presenting and communicating to different audiences
      • problem solving and innovative thinking.

      The Graduate Learning Series has been designed using best practice methodology and places a strong emphasis on application to enable you to quickly and effectively apply your learning in the workplace. The Graduate Learning Series has been designed with LXRP’s 70:20:10 learning philosophy in mind which indicates that adult learning and development is best achieved through the following:

      • 70 per cent of learning occurs through being provided with opportunities to learn on the job (experience)
      • 20 per cent occurs through exposure and how others go about their work (exposure)
      • 10 per cent through formal learning (education).


The Graduate Program offers a selection of rotations through our teams. Read below to find out more about the work you may be involved in as part of your rotation.


As a graduate you may have the opportunity to work within an Alliance. An Alliance is a collaboration of LXRP contractors and rail operators. As a graduate working in an Alliance, you will be exposed to a variety of different tasks. Due to the nature of the project you may be required to travel and work outside of regular office hours.

Commercial and Legal

As a graduate rotating through the Commercial and Legal team, you will work alongside a broad range of specialists and gain experience in a variety of legal, procurement and contract management processes associated with major construction projects.

Systems and Controls

As a graduate in the Systems and Controls team, you will assist in all aspects of the team's technical specialisations, developing skills in cost control, scheduling and risk management.

Engineering Program Services

During your rotation with Engineering Program Services, you will build skills and experience in all aspects of the team's eight specialisations, including but not limited to Business Case Development, Planning and Approvals and Land and Property.

People and Culture

Within People and Culture, you will work with the guidance of our HR professionals who will empower you to be creative and contribute to strategic projects within each area, from Talent Acquisition to Design and Architecture and Business Partnerships.

Industry Capability and Inclusion

As a graduate in the Industry, Capability and Inclusion (ICI) team, you will assist in promoting diversity and social inclusion to prepare Australians to deliver an unprecedented amount of work on the Victorian rail network over the next 10 years and beyond. The ICI team developed the Training for the Future program   to support these initiatives and the key elements include:

  • Victorian industry capability – addressing skills shortages through new training pathways.
  • Diversity and social inclusion opportunities – creating an inclusive workforce through employment programs, partnerships and social procurement.
  • The Rail Academy – a new board of governance to oversee the standards of training in rail for Victoria, including operation of the Rail Academy Newport.


By rotating through the Safety team you will a gain a deep understanding of LXRP's LeadSafe strategy and behaviours, with exposure to both on and off site safety practices. You will also get to experience a day in the life of an LXRP safety adviser.

Strategic Communications

In Strategic Communications you will work alongside and learn from our specialist teams about how we manage external and internal communications and engagement through marketing, digital and social media, stakeholder engagement and government relations.

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