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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

The Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) offers a broad range of career opportunities in Melbourne CBD as well as roles out on site as part of the project delivery.

Find out more about some of LXRP's main career streams below.

Engineering and Program Services

The Engineering team is responsible for ensuring infrastructure is planned, designed and constructed to optimise environmental, social and economic outcomes.

The Land and Property Development team is responsible for ensuring that land and property management activities – such as leasing, acquisition and sale – are consistently managed throughout all stages of the project.

Project Delivery

Our Project Delivery teams oversee and coordinate the LXRP's work to remove 75 of Melbourne's level crossings and deliver three major rail projects.

Our teams of Project Managers and Engineers work with our alliance partners and technical advisors to scope and implement project designs.

Strategic Communications

The Strategic Communications branch manages stakeholder relations activities and corporate affairs functions, including:

  • stakeholder engagement and communications
  • call centre management
  • marketing and branding
  • media relations
  • internal communications
  • digital and social media.

Construction Interface and Controls

The Construction Interface and Controls branch ensures consistency in scoping, requirements, staging and construction across all our projects.

They measure, analyse, monitor and report on project/package schedules, costs, risks, and quality.

The Utilities team provides a resource support function for LXRP project teams and is a single point of contact for liaising with external utilities agencies.


Safety is a core value of LXRP and is considered in all that we do. The Safety team's objective is to provide a safe workplace, prevent harm and inspire exceptional Health and Safety performance.

They empower our people to create a collaborative and transparent culture where everybody is capable of identifying, reporting and managing unsafe conditions and behaviours. The Safety branch consists of Specialist Safety Advisers and Safety Advisers who are aligned with certain LXRP project packages.

Industry, Capability and Inclusion

LXRP's Industry, Capability and Inclusion (ICI) team helps promote diversity and social inclusion, while building the people, training and infrastructure of rail. Through its Training For The Future program, the ICI team helps prepare Australians to deliver the unprecedented amount of work on the Victorian rail network over the next ten years and beyond.

Commercial and Legal

The Commercial and Legal division is responsible for a variety of functions, including managing:

  • legal compliance
  • disputes
  • probity matters
  • Freedom of Information requests
  • contracts
  • strategic procurement planning.

Executive Services

Our Executive Services branch provides support to the Chief Executive Officer and our Governance team, which coordinates LXRP business and intra-government reporting.

People and Culture

Great people are at the heart of everything we do at LXRP. The People and Culture team strategically partner with the business to help build and maintain a high performing workforce.

The People and Culture branch comprises of:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • People Analytics
  • Design and Architecture
  • Business Partnerships.

Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration team consists of:

  • Business Services and Facilities, which manages office services and supplies
  • Finance, which provides financial services support across the organisation
  • Records and Information, which manages the running and security of our main systems
  • Audit, Risk and Assurance, which is responsible for ensuring that LXRP has a strong and efficient internal control framework.
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