The Victorian Government is building eight kilometres of new rail line and three state-of-the-art stations at Marymede, Mernda and Hawkstowe as part of the Mernda Rail Extension Project.

Opening in early 2019, the new rail line will help connect one of Victoria’s fastest growing areas.

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Extension of project hours – Saturdays, 3:00pm

To complete works more efficiently in some areas, works on site will be extended from 1:00pm to 3:00pm on Saturdays. We will work closely with nearby residents to keep them informed and manage potential impacts. We thank the community for its patience as we construct the Mernda Rail Extension.

With construction well and truly underway, the community may experience unavoidable disruptions. To find out more about these works and others currently underway on the Mernda Rail project, check out the Construction Impacts section below or take a look at our Disruptions Page.


The Mernda Rail Extension Project will include:

  • a new premium station at Mernda, integrated with the proposed Mernda Town Centre
  • a further two new stations, the first adjacent to Marymede Catholic College and the other next to Hawkstowe Parade
  • up to 2,000 car parking spaces, as well as bicycle storage and bus facilities around all stations
  • three rail bridges and two road underpasses, meaning no level crossings
  • a new walking and cycling path linking into the existing path network, stations, schools and Plenty Gorge Park
  • a train stabling yard at the end of the line
  • around 1,200 construction jobs and more than 1,800 jobs in other businesses and industries in the area.

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The majority of rail will be at ground level, with less than 14 per cent of the entire track an elevated structure. The privacy of residents neighbouring the stations will be protected through the clever positioning of platforms. The region's semi-rural outlook will be maintained.


Marymede Station will be opposite Marymede Catholic College. Built at ground level, the station will provide parking for up to 550 cars and a separate bike storage area that connects directly to a walking and cycling path. A landscaped forecourt will offer a series of relaxing spaces to meet friends  before catching the train or after school.

Marymede Station design

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Built next to Hawkstowe Parade, this station will provide 350 car parks and platforms providing views over Plenty Gorge Park. The station has been moved further away from nearby homes and will connect directly with local paths to enable cycling and walking.

Hawkstowe Station design

Find out more about Hawkstowe Station


As the premium station along the new rail line, Mernda Station will integrate with the proposed Mernda Town Centre alongside Bridge Inn Road. With bike storage and parking for more than 1,000 cars, the station will become a focal point for the future town centre.

Mernda Station design

Find out more about Mernda Station


Only Marymede Station will have ramp access. This is because achieving a slope that is safe and not too steep at Mernda and Hawkstowe would require very long ramps – around 170 metres – which exceeds Public Transport Victoria's universal access requirements. Instead, access to  the platforms at the Mernda and Hawkstowe stations will be via steps and two lifts.

Having two lifts ensures there is always access if one lift is not working. Lifts will be powered by the mains power supply, and will also have a dedicated backup power supply, should the mains power supply fail.

The Mernda Rail Extension Project will comply with all design standards and regulations that relate to Victoria. Specifically, the project will meet the current Disability Discrimination Act 1992 requirements, Australian Standard AS1428 – Design for access and mobility, Design Standards for Accessible  Public Transport and Public Transport Victoria's 2016 Vertical Access Requirements and Design Guide, which are based on universal design principles.


There will be up to 1,000 car parks at Mernda Station, 550 at Marymede Station and 350 at Hawkstowe Station.

A green outlook

All stations will achieve a four-star energy rating, using building materials that are durable and vandal resistant. Stone and wood recovered from the site will be reused to complement the finish of stations and bridges.

To preserve as much green space as possible, trees will only be removed where absolutely necessary. For every tree removed, two new trees will be planted within the local community.

Construction impacts

Construction of the Mernda Rail line is now underway.

Work hours are Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday from 7:00am to 3:00pm. Some unavoidable out of hours works will be required at times and the community will be advised in advance.

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Traffic disruptions

The Mernda Rail extension will travel under McDonalds and Plenty roads in South Morang. Traffic will be diverted in stages so we can build the new rail line under both roads. All lanes will be kept open during peak travel times to minimise delays and keep you moving.

Some out of hours works may be required for delivery of oversized construction materials or when we create a new traffic diversion. We will notify adjacent residents in advance if any work is required out of hours.

Yellow line marking will direct motorists to new lanes. Please obey traffic signage and follow the yellow lanes.

Plenty Road, near Gordon Road

The following traffic changes will be in place from June until October 2017:

  • South-bound traffic will be shifted onto the temporary lanes to enable construction of the eastern side of the Plenty Road rail underpass.
  • South bound motorists cannot turn left into Gordons Road east. A detour via a U-turn at Stagecoach Boulevard will be in place.
  • North-bound traffic will be shifted west to allow for additional south-bound lanes.

Map showing changed traffic conditions on Plenty Road. For more information, read text above.

The following changes will be in place until January 2018:

  • Speed reduction to 60km/h.
  • Short term closure of lanes during off-peak travel times.
  • Closure of two U-turns near Gordons Road. U-turns can be performed at Stagecoach Boulevard and The Lakes Boulevard.
  • Closure of on-road bike lanes.
  • Closure of two bus stops near Gordons Road.

McDonalds Road near South Morang Station

Traffic changes from 14 June 2017 to October 2017

  • North-bound traffic will be shifted onto temporary lanes.
  • Shorter left turn lane into McDonalds Road west from McDonalds Road south.
  • Pedestrian path closed along McDonalds Road west between McDonalds Road and Ferres Boulevard intersection and the Westfield worksite. Detours are in place.

Map showing changed traffic conditions on McDonalds Road. For more information, read text above.

Traffic changes in place until January 2018

  • Speed reduction to 40km/h.
  • Short term closure of lanes during off-peak travel times.
  • Closure of on-road bike lanes.
  • Closure of McDonalds Road pedestrian path near the station.

Vegetation and tree removal

Tree and vegetation removal has commenced in the rail corridor. Wildlife handlers are on site to inspect trees and safely relocate animals to a new home.

Most of the cleared trees will be taken to a mill to be processed and reused in the new stations architectural design, furniture and signage.

Trees that can't be milled will be used for:

  • wildlife habitat within Plenty Gorge Park
  • donations to schools' woodwork classes, men sheds and community firewood fundraisers
  • mulch used around the project and donated to community or school gardens.

The rail extension has been carefully designed to remove as few trees as possible. As a result 30 per cent of trees previously marked for removal have been saved.

And for every tree removed, two more will be planted. This means more than 2,500 new trees will be planted near the rail corridor and local area.

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Local residents, businesses and other stakeholders will be kept up to date with the project and its progress via website updates, regular bulletins and letterbox drops, local newspaper advertising, onsite information boards and community information displays.

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