After investigating existing train storage arrangements in Carrum as part of the Level Crossing Removal Project, we have identified a need for an alternative site. The new train storage facility will be at Kananook on the corner of Wells Road and Miles Grove, Seaford and will not only accommodate current needs but also allow for predicted future growth on the Frankston Line.


We are constructing a new train storage facility—the Kananook Train Storage Facility—in Seaford.

The Station Street and Eel Race Road level crossing removals will mean that the Carrum train storage facility, which is used to park and clean trains, will need to be moved.

In addition, building the Metro Tunnel Project will mean more trains can run on the Frankston Line, and we will need to store more trains than existing storage provides for.

A new purpose-built facility will be location in Seaford, approximately 200 metres from Kananook Station.

Train storage facilities are where trains are parked while not in operation. Typically, trains return to a storage facility at the end of service and are stored overnight until they are required again.

While the trains are in the facility they are cleaned internally and prepared for the next day's service. This includes removing waste, minor maintenance and routine inspections.

Train storage facilities contribute to ensuring that train services across the rail network are operating as efficiently and reliably as possible. Without train storage facilities, trains would need to travel long distances without passengers before starting services, which reduces the number of timetabled train services that can run during the day.

The Kananook Train Storage Facility will not only accommodate immediate train storage needs but also has the capacity to accommodate predicted future growth on the Frankston Line.

The construction of a new facility at the Kananook site in Seaford does not impact any future decisions to extend the electrified train network to Baxter and build another facility there.

Discussions relating to a train storage facility and the electrification of the train line to Baxter form part of a potential long term vision for the future of the rail network, and are the responsibility of Public Transport Victoria.

For further information, please refer to the fact sheet.

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Alternative options considered

Several alternative options were investigated, including:

  • retaining the existing Carrum train storage facility – albeit at a reduced capacity
  • constructing a new facility at Armstrongs Road, Seaford
  • the electrification of the train line and the construction of a new train storage facility in Baxter.

While establishing a train storage facility in Baxter forms part of a potential long term strategy for the Frankston Line—before a train storage facility can be constructed in Baxter, the rail line needs to be electrified. This is a costly and lengthy project and could not be funded and completed in time to align with the level crossing removals in Carrum and the wider Level Crossing Removal Project.

The Kananook site in Seaford was found to be the only site that could cater to both immediate and longer term train storage needs, avoid negatively impacting on Frankston Line train services, and fit in with the required time frames of the Level Crossing Removal Project—to deliver 50 level crossing removals by 2022.


Late 2016

Early site investigations – We worked to determine a train storage solution that would provide the best outcome for the Frankston Line.


Planning phase – Following the project announcement we will continue to undertake detailed site investigations to plan the project and prepare for construction by beginning the tender process to seek a construction partner. We will hold land acquisition discussions with identified property owners and traders and continue to work closely with them to guide them through the land acquisition process.


Detailed design – The detailed design will continue to evolve and be refined further to create a final design that provides the best train storage outcome for the Frankston Line.

Construction – Construction is expected to start on the Kananook Train Storage Facility

Next steps

We are currently focusing on ensuring those directly impacted by the new Kananook Train Storage Facility get the information and support they need.

If you have any questions or comments you can:

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Kananook map

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