The Victorian Government is extending the South Morang train line to Mernda to cater for the significant population growth in Melbourne’s north.

The Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) is already delivering major rail construction projects across Melbourne and have the design, engineering and project management expertise to deliver the Mernda Rail.



The rail extension will include:

  • Approximately 8 kilometres of new duplicated rail line between South Morang station and Mernda
  • Five grade separations, guaranteeing no new level crossings will be created
  • A new premium station in Mernda integrated into the proposed Mernda Town Centre
  • A new station near the Marymede Catholic College. The location of this station has been chosen following community consultation in 2015
  • Potential addition station near Hawkstowe Parade, South Morang
  • Car parking, bicycle storage and bus facilities at stations
  • Construction of stabling facilities for three six-car train sets north of Bridge Inn Road, Mernda, and;
  • Integration with existing pedestrian and cyclist facilities and links with other public transport services.

Overview map

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The rail extension will:

  • Reduce travel time meaning more leisure time, time with family and friends.
  • Improve liveability for residents in the north through better connections to employment opportunities, education, healthcare, entertainment and retail activities; and
  • Integrate with the proposed Mernda Town Centre masterplan to ensure economic development
  • Create hundreds of jobs
  • Provide vital public transport for communities in South Morang / Mernda / Doreen – among the fastest growing suburbs in Melbourne
  • Ease congestion in and around Plenty Road, the main arterial road through Melbourne's northern suburbs

Project status

The Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) is managing the development and delivery of the project. LXRA is working closely with PTV, the City of Whittlesea, the local members of Parliament and the local community to deliver this project.

John Holland, and McConnell Dowell/UGL Engineering joint venture have both been short-listed to submit tenders for the eight-kilometre extension of the South Morang line to Mernda.

A contract for the Mernda Rail Extension is expected to be awarded in early 2017, and construction will begin shortly after. The new line will be complete and operational in 2019.

Proposed rail alignment

The proposed rail alignment is within an existing disused rail corridor which is already zoned for this purpose . This land has remained as a right of way, earmarked as a future rail corridor since the closure of the Whittlesea line in 1959. 


When planning a new train line through existing communities, we have to be sensitive to drivers, residents and commuters, those that are there now, and in the future. By applying urban design principles to each potential design solution we can ensure better outcomes, including:

  • Better connectivity for public transport users, drivers, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Opportunities for new public spaces and community facilities
  • Potential for a new station to be a catalyst for development in new activity centres such as Mernda
  • Increased residential and commercial development opportunities, including cafes, restaurants and shops

Using the community feedback we receive, we'll further develop designs for the stations at Mernda and Marymede and for a potential additional station at Hawkstowe Parade as well as for the train line.

In designing the stations and precincts, we will bear in mind the way you use stations and move around the area and also consider safety and creative solutions. We will also ensure the project complements the area's natural and built environment.

Project overview animation

View the Mernda Rail Extension Project design video and transcript

Design concepts - before and after images

Use the sliders below to drag the image left or right to reveal the before and after images, highlighting what the Mernda Rail Project may look like. 

Artists impression of the proposed Marymede Station

Artists impression of potential designs for The Parkway

Artists impression of potential Hawkstowe Parade

Artists impression of potential Mernda Station


Aerial maps

For an aerial overview of the Mernda rail extension project, see our aerial maps.


Engaging with the local community and key stakeholders has been a significant contributor to the development of the Mernda Rail Project. This will continue to be the case as the project  moves into future stages.

The Mernda Rail Extension Consultation Summary Report PDF, 1.5 MB provides an overview of community engagement undertaken in 2015 and 2016 to secure feedback on the delivery of this project of state significance. It also provides the project team's response to comments received from the community.

Part A of this report describes the four stages of engagement that have been undertaken to date and the feedback that has been provided. It describes the engagement methods used to present project information to the community, the level of participation in consultation activities, as well as feedback provided to the project team.

Part B has an important role in closing the feedback loop with stakeholders as it outlines the project team's response to the key issues and themes identified though the engagement process.

The Mernda Project Team is currently in discussions with two different companies to select who will build the new rail line, stations and associated infrastructure. The important feedback we've received to date from stakeholders and our local community, including what is set out in our Consultation Summary Report, is helping guide the companies to deliver their most innovative ideas for building the project.

We expect to have a constructor selected by late 2016, at which time we will be back out to update you on what is planned for construction. When the project is being built, the construction company leads communications with local communities and stakeholders to inform about project progress, any disruptions and to minimise construction impacts.

If you require assistance in accessing or understanding this report, please contact us via email or call 1800 762 667.

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Community updates

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