Why did you move the major construction blitz from January/February to March/April?

The major construction blitz was moved to fast-track the project and finish six months earlier, in mid-2018.

A 37-day construction blitz that was originally planned for January/February 2018 would have required an additional 16-day disruption in May. This has now been combined into a 44-day construction blitz, starting on 16 March and finishing at the end of April.

By closing the rail line for 44 days in March/April there will only be one major extended disruption for passengers, and communities can start to enjoy the benefits of the project sooner.

Why can’t the works take place in January 2018 when people are on holiday?

Planning for these construction activities and associated rail closures consider the overall construction program while trying to minimise disruption across Melbourne’s public transport and road network. In this instance, by moving the construction blitz to March/April, there is less impact to the community overall and we complete the project six months earlier.

There will also be a five-day closure in January 2018 to prepare for the major construction blitz.

Why must the rail line be closed for so long?

The length of the construction blitz is due to the significant scope of works that needs to be completed safely while trains are not running. This includes digging the new rail trench and removing the level crossings at Grange Road, building the new elevated rail bridge at Rosanna and constructing a new Rosanna Station, as well as duplicating the track from Rosanna to Heidelberg.

What sections of the Hurstbridge line will be closed during the disruption?

It is likely that replacement bus services will run from Clifton Hill to Macleod/Greensborough during the closure of the Hurstbridge line. We are finalising these details with Metro Trains Melbourne and will confirm arrangements shortly.

What works are taking place during the 44 days?

Work that will be undertaken during this time includes:

  • excavating out over 30,000 cubic metres of soil at Grange Road to lower the rail under the road, and remove the level crossing
  • installing all new track, overheads and rail infrastructure in the rail cutting at Grange Road
  • completing the duplication of the track at Heidelberg
  • constructing the new rail bridge over Burgundy Street
  • building the new elevated rail bridge over Lower Plenty Road, and removing the level crossing
  • rebuilding the new Rosanna Station.

Rosanna Station was previously planned to open in March 2018. Why is it now not opening until April 2018?

Due to the major rail closure being moved to March/April, Rosanna Station will reopen at the end of April when train services resume.

The benefit is that the station will reopen in its fully operational state, without the need for extended closures later in the year. Passengers will also spend less time on replacement buses overall.

If Rosanna Station opens in April 2018 and the project finishes in mid-2018, what will the project team be doing for the final few months?

Finishing works including landscaping and car parking works will continue into the second half of 2018, but the majority of works will be done and the team will start to demobilise from site starting in mid-2018.

When will trains be running on the new duplicated track between Heidelberg and Rosanna, and without the level crossings?

Trains will resume on Monday 30 April 2018, running on the new duplicated track and safely separated from cars at Grange Road and Lower Plenty Road.

Will there be any major road closures during the 44-day construction blitz?

There will be some closures on local and main roads, including Lower Plenty Road in Rosanna and Grange Road in Alphington.

Some of the major road works that would have been spread out during the course of next year will be condensed into this 44-day period. Dates for these disruptions will be confirmed soon.

Will there be any further rail line shut downs following the March/April occupation?

Yes. We will continue to require weekend rail closures to complete signalling and overhead works.

Will there be a rail line shut down in January?

Yes. There will be a five-day rail closure from 7:00pm Thursday 18 January until 7:00am Wednesday 24 January 2018.