29 October 2015

Construction at North Road

Major construction has started on the level crossing removal at North Road in Ormond, the first of eleven level crossings on the Frankston line to be removed.

The North Road project is being delivered at the same time as the level crossing removals at McKinnon Road, McKinnon and Centre Road, Bentleigh, to minimise disruptions to road and rail users. 

Thanks to careful project planning, the amount of time to construct the projects has been shortened, with major road and rail closures brought forward six months to June/July 2016. This will see the project completed earlier than originally planned. The shorter construction schedule will also minimise disruption for residents and businesses. 

In addition to the shorter construction schedule, following extensive community feedback and detailed design investigations, the Dorothy Avenue underpass will remain open to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles at the end of the level crossing removal works.

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