[Vision:  Jobs Hub entrance - Mernda Rail Jobs Hub sign- Construction machinery - workman]

The Jobs Hub is an exciting new initiative that Mernda Rail is bringing to the community.

Luke - Electrical Apprentice

Yeah.  It's been amazing everyone's really helpful. I'm really attracted to the variety of work.

[Vision:  Luke working - Luke speaking]

There's so many different fields that I am involved in at the moment and I can figure out which one I like the best and maybe pursue that.

[Vision:  Workmen and construction site]

It's a great place to work in. There's plenty of opportunity fornew starters to join the construction industry and grow over the life cycle ofprojects in the coming years.

Rachel- Trainee Business (Accounts)

I think I'm working with a really good group of people.

[Vision:  Rachel working in office]

They're all really nice and they're really welcoming and they've helped me heaps.

[Vision:  Jobs Hub sign - Jobs Centre - construction site]

I'd encourage the local community to come and visit out jobs centre here or even apply online if looking for local work in the construction industry.

[Vision:  Find out more and other information for contacting]

Visit our website for more information.

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