20 July 2017

Corrigan Road beam

Noble Park underwent significant transformation on Monday night (17 July), with the first beam placed over Corrigan Road.

Around 200 beams are needed to create Noble Park's new section of elevated rail, which will remove three level crossings at Corrigan, Heatherton and Chandler Roads.
The overnight works saw the local beam count rise to 75 at Noble Park, and 110 across the Caulfield to Dandenong project, which is removing nine level crossings, re-building five stations and creating 11 MCGs' worth of new public open space.

This is the first beam that has been placed across a road on the Caulfield to Dandenong Project and is a major project milestone, bringing us one step closer to removing the dangerous and congested level crossings that hold up thousands of motorists each day in Melbourne's south east.

Used by nearly 10,000 vehicles per day, Corrigan Road now has boom gates closed for 72 minutes in each two-hour morning peak.