The Station Street, Carrum level crossing is a key cause of congestion that holds up thousands of drivers each day. The boom gates and the indirect road network between McLeod Road and the Nepean Highway prevent safe and efficient access to local shops, public transport and beach and river recreation areas.

Many drivers avoid this congestion hotspot by using the Eel Race Road level crossing and backstreets as a route between the Nepean Highway and McLeod Road.

Boom gates are down at the Station Street level crossing for an average of 49 minutes between 7:00am and 9:00am, and 21 minutes at the Eel Race Road level crossing, holding up a combined average of 17,500 drivers and many pedestrians who travel through Carrum daily.

Latest news

We’re starting construction in Carrum.

Works will begin early in 2018 with the construction of the new Station Street road bridge across Patterson River. The bridge will open in late 2018.

The Station Street road bridge is the first stage of works to remove three dangerous level crossings. A new Carrum Station will be built and McLeod Road will be extended right through to the beach to provide safe access.

Carrum will also be transformed into a modern, connected and vibrant bayside suburb with:

  • new community spaces including a beach promenade and village square
  • dozens of additional car parks, providing better access to Carrum’s beach and shops
  • a new walking and cycling path connecting Carrum to Frankston
  • a walking and cycling underpass at Eel Race Road
  • streetscaping and landscaping along Station Street and the Nepean Highway.

The Victorian Government has awarded a consortium comprising Lendlease, Acciona Coleman and WSP, the contract to remove the Carrum level crossings. The LXRA will work with our construction partners and Metro Trains Melbourne to build the project.

New Carrum promenade

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Design benefits

  • new Carrum Station features a second entrance near Walkers Road to improve access, safe indoor waiting areas, better weather protection on platforms, commuter parking beneath the rail bridge and improved bus connections
  • low, single-storey station buildings in natural coastal colours will reflect Carrum’s beachside character
  • new Station Street road bridge across Patterson River with disability compliant walking and cycling ramps
  • the McLeod Road extension and new beach promenade will provide safer access to the beach and more community space
  • dozens of additional car parks will be added across the beach promenade and village square, providing better access to Carrum’s beach and shops
  • the village square will also include vibrant open space and facilities to actively link both sides of Carrum
  • Four safe crossings across Nepean Highway, making getting to the beach from Carrum village and the station easier. The existing pedestrian crossing across Nepean Highway will remain and new crossings will be added at McLeod Road, Progress Avenue and near the Carrum Bowling Club.
  • A walking and cycle underpass will also be created at Eel Race Road.

New Carrum Station


Help transform Carrum

We need your help to shape the revitalisation of Carrum.

Building on the feedback already received, now is the time to decide what is included.

We want your feedback on:

  • the new village square and beach promenade - how do you want them to look and how will you use them throughout the year?
  • streetscaping and landscaping – plant varieties, look and feel
  • walking and cycling connections – how do you get around Carrum?

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in early 2018 via:

  • community forums
  • our online engagement activities
  • your Carrum Revitalisation Reference Group members.

Carrum Revitalisation Reference Group (CRRG)

The CRRG has been established with local traders, community representatives and industry experts including the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne representatives and open space design and usability specialists. It will help to shape the revitalisation of Carrum as designs are developed and be a voice for the community.

CRRG meetings will involve in depth discussions with landscape, urban design and construction experts. The CRRG will develop concepts for broader community feedback and ideas from the community will be presented at its meetings.

The first CRRG meeting was held on 21 November 2017 and the second will be held in February 2018.

To get in touch with one of the CRRG members, please email us and we will pass on your contact details.

Your Carrum Revitalisation Reference Group representatives:

  • Sonya Kilkenny, MP
  • Andrew Adams – community member
  • Chris Espinoza – community member
  • Georges McKail – local trader
  • Denis Ponchard – community member
  • Casey Seth – local trader
  • Rebecca Swinton – community member
  • Jason Deason – community member
  • Johanna Nuttall – Kingston City Council
  • Representative – Carrum Primary School
  • Daniel Dew – Patterson River Secondary College
  • Ben Rooks – Carrum Surf Life Saving Club
  • Hugo Lamb – The Space Agency
  • Jill Burness – Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens



2018 Construction starts on Station Street road bridge across Patterson River.
Late 2018 Preparation works for Carrum level crossing removals.
Station Street road bridge across Patterson River will open.
2019 Carrum Train Storage Facility gone.
Major works start to remove Carrum's level crossings.


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