Overton Road runs from the Nepean Highway, over Wells Road and becomes Skye Road. The area predominantly consists of commercial outlets, as well as a small residential area. Kananook Primary School is also nearby, making safety a key concern of the local community.

The level crossing is located between Skye and Overton Road in Frankston. Just under 10,000 vehicles pass through the level crossing each day. The boom gates are down for an average of 34 minutes during the weekday peak between 7:00am and 9:00am, significantly impacting travel times for thousands of motorists and causing frustration for all road users.

What's happening

Two of Australia's largest construction companies have been shortlisted to remove this level crossing.

We will announce our preferred builder in May 2017, with construction starting well ahead of schedule before the end of the year. We are aiming to complete the level crossing removal by 2018.

The final design, including landscaping and urban design, will be released when the preferred constructor is chosen. Your feedback will contribute to this final design.



Date Stage
Early 2016 Initial investigations and identifying potential design options. You told us what is important to you about your area.
Mid-2016 Developing design options. Your feedback from early 2016 and our investigations helped us refine the design options.
Late 2016 Ongoing technical investigations. We undertook detailed technical investigations at this stage, and presented the rail bridge as the option still under consideration.
Feb 2017 Fast-track crossing removal announced.
May 2017 Construction partner and design release announcement.
Mid-2017 Commencement of early works.
Late 2017 Construction will have begun.
2018 Projected date for completion of level crossing removal.


We undertook a range of investigations to fully understand how our design solution will benefit and impact the area. We are confident we have found the best solution for removing the Skye/Overton Road level crossing.

See design detail below

The rail bridge solution will:

  • improve access and liveability in the area by allowing people to travel by foot, bike, bus or car from one side of the rail line to the other safely and efficiently
  • increase access also has a positive impact for local businesses
  • open public space under or around the structure, creating new spaces and opportunities for improvements such as car parks, pedestrian and cycle paths, and landscaping
  • allow for large trees to be planted along the rail line for privacy and screening
  • not have any private property acquisition and no impact to the existing floodplain and overland water flow.

When we announce our construction partner in May 2017 we will have a design for removing the level crossing. Your feedback will contribute to this final design.


Community engagement hub

Visit our community engagement hub at Your Level Crossing.


Email us at contact@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au.


Contact our project hotline: 1800 762 667
Translation service: for languages other than English: 9280 0780

Community engagement

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our consultation process throughout September and October, 2016.

We held community presentations and information sessions, doorknocked traders and residents and engaged with the community online.

What's next?

There are still opportunities to get involved now that we have confirmed a rail bridge for Skye/Overton Road. We will be talking with you about a range of elements including:

  • public space opportunities, such as pedestrian and bicycle paths
  • landscape opportunities
  • car parking
  • traffic movements during construction.

Visit us at the Frankston Revitalisation Hub

Corner of Young and Balmoral streets, Frankston. Every Tuesday from 28 March (10:00am to 3:00pm).

Technical work

We are continuing to undertake a range of technical investigations to fully understand how each potential design option will benefit and impact the area. While these investigations can take some time, they are vital to ensure the best solution is developed for each site. The investigations include:

  • rail noise
  • visual assessment
  • feature surveys
  • overshadowing
  • car park surveys
  • traffic monitoring and modelling
  • hydrology
  • utility investigations
  • hydrogeology
  • geotechnical investigations
  • cultural heritage – Indigenous and European
  • property title survey
  • flora and fauna
  • air quality.

For more information on our technical investigations, please refer to our Technical Investigations Report and fact sheets.

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