[Vision:  Barista in coffee shop]

Dr Mark Mackie - Mackie Family Pet Health Care Centre

I think this is short term pain for long term gain.

Daniela Spalding - Son of a Burch Cafe

[Vision:  Latte - Son of a Burch sign]

Well we definitely still make fantastic coffee and good food, so if you're around you're always most welcome to visit us here.

[Daniela Spalding speaking]

So, we definitely will be here.

Jochem den Boon - Two Kings Cafe

[Vision:  Pedestrians at shopping strip - Two Kings Café sign]

Bentleigh is a fantastic shopping strip, and we feel quite blessed here at Two Kings Café that we're part of that.  And we'd love everyone to come. 

[Vision:  Staff in café]

And all the shops are open.

Catherine Jordan - Ormond Framing

Ormond's coming back. 

[Vision:  Ormond shopping strip showing various shop signage]

I used to work here when I was a teenager back when there was banks and butchers and all that sort of thing.  And then it was a dead spot for many, many years but now it's come back to life again.

Mario Urban - Community Relations Manager

For local traders it's business as usual, or open for business as the campaign suggests.

[Vision:  Open for Business pamphlets being handed out]

[Catherine Jordan speaking - artwork and blown glass]

Please come in, have a look around, we've got lots of local art hanging on the walls and Chings and blown glass.

Nicole Watt - Bentleigh Food Clearance

I just keep encouraging people to come because they'll always find a car park.

[Vision:  Traffic and parking]

[Mario Urban speaking - Open for Business website]

So, not only do they get more information on the website about the actual closures but actually get ideas about really good offers that are being provided by the local traders and the businesses along the shopping strips.

[Nicole Watt speaking with customers in shop]

There definitely is that barrier because I get a lot of customers that say oh, I haven't been down here for years because we get to the railway line and then we go back.  So hopefully that might stop as well, they'll just keep walking.

[Mario Urban speaking]

Well at the end of the project the visual will be very different here. 

[Vision:  Traffic and train crossing level crossing - construction work - pedestrians - shops]

Firstly that impediment which was the boom gates will be gone, and what they'll see is some brand spanking new stations that have been rebuilt making it look fresher and newer, keeping up with the times, and getting rid of those dangerous level crossings.

[Vision:  Various shop signs - Dr Mark Mackie]

Obviously it's going to be a boom for everybody who is a commercial trader here.

Lara Storey - The Deli Collective

The communication team actually comes around and will talk to people.  There have been meetings.

[vision:  Train at station]

Jade Salter - McKinnon Osteopathy

Well to be honest, I thought it would all be a lot louder than what it is, but we haven't noticed too much. 

[Vision:  Pedestrians at level crossing and stopped traffic]

There's been really good communication from the Level Crossing Removal Project.  So we're very aware of what's going on.

[Vision:  Jade Salter working]

But so far we haven't had a huge disruption or impact to the business.

[Vision:  Pamphlets being handed out in street]

The pamphlets they've put out saying that, come down and come down and we're open for business. 

[Vision:  Frames - Catherine Jordan speaking]

Come to your local, our local framing studio.

[Nicole Watt speaking]

So we'd love to see the regulars and some new faces as well.

[Dr Mark Mackie speaking]

I'm open for business non-stop.

[Mario Urban speaking]

Works are on, there will be some disruptions. 

[Vision:  Pedestrians entering shop]

The positive is that the traders and the businesses are still open for business so come and check them out.

[Lara Storey speaking and working]

We are all open for business.

[Vision:  Various shops - staff at station]

[Level Crossing Removal Authority - Victoria State Government]

[Speaker:  Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]