Major construction is well underway, on the North Road, McKinnon Road and Centre Road level crossing removals.

A project team including John Holland and KBR will remove the crossings and rebuild Ormond, McKinnon and Bentleigh stations.

What you need to know

Works to remove three of Victoria's worst level crossings at North, McKinnon and Centre roads have ramped up. Our crew will be out there 24 hours a day, seven days a week from 24 June to 1 August. Never before have we removed three level crossings in one go, so we'll be throwing everything at it to get the tracks and boom gates removed and the new rail line built as quickly as possible. This equates to about 18 months worth of works within a 37 day period.


  • The Frankston line will be closed between Moorabbin and Caulfield from 9.00pm on Friday 24 June to the last service on Sunday 31 July so we can complete these major works.
  • Buses will replace Frankston line trains between Caulfield and Moorabbin from 9.00pm on Friday 24 June to the last service on Sunday 31 July.  For night services only, from 9.00pm to the last service each night from Sunday 26 June to Wednesday 29 June, buses will replace trains between Caulfield and Frankston.


North Road will remain open at all times with lane closures in place.

Local parking

To facilitate the large number of trucks, some residential on-street car spaces will be temporarily removed and some streets will operate one-way. Please take note of any potential parking restrictions and review our parking adjustment map.


Planned travel disruptions

View planned travel disruptions page

Free parking

While major works take place as part of the North McKinnon Centre Level Crossing Removal Project, 320 car spaces will be available for FREE at Caulfield Racecourse, from Saturday 25 June to Sunday 31 July.
Motorists can enter the car park via Gates 20 and 21 on Station Street and Normanby Road. Make sure you arrive early to secure a spot, and only park in the designated car spaces.

The car park will return to paid parking when normal train services resume on Monday, 1 August.

Caulfield Station free parking map. Rail replacement bus stop locations are located opposite the free parking area and towards the Northern end of the station. Full description above. 

Bus replacement services video

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Major level crossing works video

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Construction impacts

Parking adjustment map

24 June 2016 – 1 August 2016 

This map indicates the areas in which parking restrictions will be changed to facilitate the movement of construction traffic and trucks. This may involve the removal of parking on either side of the road, both sides, or may be limited to smaller changes. Please contact the project team on 9915 4788 for more specific information.

Haul route map

24 June 2016 – 1 August 2016

This map indicates the areas in which construction traffic and trucks will be prioritised in the local road network. Some roads will be made one way only to facilitate the movement of construction traffic and trucks. Please contact the project team on 9915 4788 for more specific information.

We are aware of the impact of construction on local residents and has a number of measures to reduce this impact. Please read the fact sheets below: 


Removal of the level crossings will transform the station areas into modern transport interchanges and include:

  • lowering the rail line below North Road, McKinnon Road and Centre Road 
  • rebuilding Ormond, McKinnon and Bentleigh stations
  • lowered platforms accessed via lifts, ramps or stairs
  • building walking and cycling paths 
  • reconstructing the station car parks

Bentleigh station artist impression

McKinnon station artist impression

Ormond station artist impression

Design updates

Following extensive community feedback and detailed design investigations: 

  • the Dorothy Avenue underpass will remain open to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles at the end of the level crossing removal works
  • a second station entrance will be provided on the southern side of North Road. This means that train customers will be able to access the new Ormond Station from the southern side of North Road (at Cadby Avenue), minimising the need to cross North Road to access the station. This is possible due to the slightly wider land footprint, compared to McKinnon and Bentleigh stations. The second station entrance will also be fitted with a second set of lifts (one at each platform) and a second set of stairs to the central platform.

All three level crossings are on the Frankston line and sit within two kilometres of each other. Delivering these level crossing removals at the same time will accelerate delivery of the overall level crossing removal project for the community, minimise disruption to residents and road users, and reduce the number of rail line closures on the Frankston line.


Stakeholder Liaison Group

A Stakeholder Liaison Group comprised of local businesses, community groups and residents is meeting monthly to provide input into the project, and share information within the community. 

Working with traders - open for business

The project team is working closely with local traders to minimise the impacts of construction where we can, and ensure access at all times.

We also encourage the local communities around North, McKinnon and Centre roads to continue supporting their local businesses, who are trading as usual throughout the project.

North, Centre and McKinnon Road shops now have their own website - Open for Business.

Check out some great offers and information about your local shopping strips which are Open for Business during construction works.

Open for business video

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Shorter construction schedule

Through careful planning the project has reduced the actual construction time by six months. Without this new program there would have been road closures throughout all of 2016, including major disruptions from December 2016 until January/February 2017.

Under the new construction schedule, most major works will be completed in August 2016 with three new stations to open over the same month.

Stay updated

Local residents, businesses and other stakeholders are being kept up to date with the project and its progress via website updates, regular bulletins and letterbox drops, local newspaper advertising, onsite information boards and community information displays.

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North McKinnon Centre community update – December 2015 PDF, 996.1 KB

North McKinnon Centre community update - March 2016

North McKinnon Centre community update - April May 2016

North McKinnon Centre community update - June 2016