The level crossing on North, McKinnon and Centre roads have been removed and major works are underway to lower the rail line and build three new stations.

A project team including John Holland and KBR will remove the crossings and rebuild Ormond, McKinnon and Bentleigh stations.

What you need to know

Our major 37 day construction blitz is progressing well.  Around 1,000 project personnel are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make sure that major construction will be completed by 1 August.

We want to thank the community for your ongoing patience and understanding during these major works.

Boom gates gone forever

On Sunday 25 June, the boom gates at North, McKinnon and Centre roads were removed forever. The project team also removed all of the old rail, signalling and electrical infrastructure. 

Removing the boom gates at McKinnon Road

Excavation completed

The team has finished removing an incredible 250,000 cubic metres of soil from the rail corridor. This has paved the way for the team to build the necessary rail infrastructure under the roads. It also means there are fewer trucks on the roads now.

We want to thank the community for your patience and understanding during the major works program.

Pouring concrete in the lowered rail corridor at McKinnon

What's next?

We have started pouring concrete to form the base slabs for the train track, and commenced construction of the new station buildings, concourses, platforms and access points.

The team has also started to lay the new rail tracks and is erecting structures for the new overhead wiring. The overall project will be complete in late 2016.

Constructing the new rail line north of North Road

Major level crossing works video


See us in action

If you have the chance, make sure you visit the project site while the intensive works are in progress. The best vantage points to see the new stations and rail line taking shape are at the bridge decks on North, McKinnon and Centre roads. Members of the project team will be the bridge decks at the following times over the remaining weeks of the major works to answer questions.

  • Monday 18 July, 4.00pm to 6.00pm – North Road
  • Tuesday 19 July, 4.00pm to 6.00pm – Centre Road
  • Thursday 21 July, 4.00pm to 6.00pm – McKinnon Road
  • Monday 25 July, 12.00 midday to 2.00pm – McKinnon Road
  • Tuesday 26 July, 12.00 midday to 2.00pm – North Road
  • Thursday 28 July, 12.00 midday to 2.00pm – Centre Road

While you're there you can also enjoy a great selection of shops and special trader deals along the three shopping strips — remember to #shoplocal!

Join us at our weekly drop-in sessions

Until 1 August, the team is holding weekly community and trader drop-in sessions every Wednesday from 5pm until 8pm at the Bentleigh Club, located at 33 Yawla Road in Bentleigh.Please come along if you have any questions or concerns about the project. Or don't hesitate to call us on our dedicated 24 hour phone number 1800 762 667.

Traders open for business

The project team is working closely with local traders to minimise the impacts of construction where we can, and ensure access to local businesses is maintained at all times. We encourage the local communities around North, McKinnon and Centre roads to continue supporting their local businesses, who are trading as usual throughout the project.

We have distributed over 120,000 Open for Business brochures and the latest edition highlights where local parking is available.  Importantly, we're bussing our workers to and from the project sites to take make sure there is enough parking for locals around the local shopping precincts. Please also keep an eye out along the shopping precincts and at the station replacements for our Open for Business advocates. They are on hand to promote local businesses during our works and to answer questions and queries about our works.

Open for business video

View the video and transcript

See us in action

If you have the chance, make sure you get down to the site while the intensive works are progressing. The best vantage points to see the new stations and rail line taking shape are at the bridge decks on North, McKinnon and Centre roads. While you're there you can also enjoy a great selection of shops and special trader deals along the three shopping strips – remember to #shoplocal!

Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG)

A Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) comprised of local businesses, community groups and residents is meeting monthly to provide input into the project, and share information within the community. 

Stay updated

Local residents, businesses and other stakeholders are being kept up to date with the project and its progress via website updates, regular bulletins and letterbox drops, local newspaper advertising, onsite information boards and community information displays.

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Planned travel disruptions (until 1 August)


  • Buses are replacing Frankston line trains between Caulfield and Moorabbin until the last service on Sunday 31 July.

On the bus competition

During the shut of the Frankston line we are holding a weekly competition for users of the replacement bus service. It is a chance to win some cool prizes and a way to keep you entertained while on the buses. We will hand out flyers at bus replacement stops, with each week either a social media quiz with questions posted on the Level Crossing Removals Facebook page or a different type of puzzle you need to complete to go into the draw. Answer the questions and get your form back to Caulfield or Moorabbin by the end of the week for a chance to win. We will choose a winner at random and post the winners name on Facebook. Terms and conditions are available.

Bus replacement services video

View video and transcript

Free parking at Caulfield Racecourse

While major works take place, 320 car spaces will be available for free at Caulfield Racecourse until Sunday 31 July.

Motorists can enter the car park via Gates 20 and 21 on Station Street and Normanby Road. Make sure you arrive early to secure a spot, and only park in the designated car spaces.

Caulfield Station free parking map. Rail replacement bus stop locations are located opposite the free parking area and towards the Northern end of the station. Full description above.


North Road will remain open at all times with lane closures in place. There will be some night time closures of Centre and McKinnon Roads, so please look out for on-road signage. The good news is that the boom gates are gone and the majority of our disruptive road closures are completed.

Haulage routes

Our haulage route map indicates the areas where construction traffic and trucks are being prioritised on the local road network, and highlights roads that have been made one way. Please take note of changes to the operation of some streets.

Changes to parking

To facilitate the large number of trucks in operation, some residential on-street car spaces have been temporarily removed and some streets are operating as one-way. Please take note of any potential parking restrictions and review our parking adjustment map. Please contact the project team on 1800 762 667 for more details.

View planned travel disruptions page

Construction impacts

Shorter construction schedule

Through careful planning the project has reduced the actual construction time by six months. Without this new program there would have been road closures throughout all of 2016, including major disruptions from December 2016 until January/February 2017.

Under the new construction schedule, most major works will be completed in August 2016 with three new stations to open over the same month.

We are aware of the impact construction can have on the local community and we have a number of measures to reduce this impact. Please read the fact sheets below:


Removal of the level crossings will transform the station areas into modern transport interchanges and include:

  • lowering the rail line below North Road, McKinnon Road and Centre Road 
  • rebuilding Ormond, McKinnon and Bentleigh stations
  • lowered platforms accessed via lifts, ramps or stairs
  • building walking and cycling paths 
  • reconstructing the station car parks


North McKinnon Centre community update – December 2015 PDF, 996.1 KB

North McKinnon Centre community update - March 2016

North McKinnon Centre community update - April May 2016

North McKinnon Centre community update - June 2016

North McKinnon Centre community update - July 2016