The level crossing at Lower Plenty Road is located near Rosanna Station. On a typical weekday approximately 17,000 vehicles pass through the level crossing. Many of these drivers travel through the level crossing during the 7:00am to 9:00am peak, when the boom gates are down for approximately 43 minutes.

Design solution

Lower Plenty Road Level Crossing removal

In 2016, we spoke with the community about options for removing the Lower Plenty Road level crossing, as part of the Victorian Government's plan to remove 50 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne.

After a thorough investigation of a number of design options and substantial community and stakeholder consultation, it has been decided the level crossing will be removed by building a rail bridge over Lower Plenty Road.

The design responds to the unique environment and topography of the area and the strong desire of the community to minimise the loss of trees from within the treasured Rosanna Parklands.

Construction started in March 2017 and will be completed by 2019.

Key benefits of the rail bridge:

  • Eliminate the risk of flooding, which has been an ongoing issue for the area, most recently highlighted during a heavy rain event on December 29, 2016.
  • A design engineered to reduce the height and length of the overall structure and therefore its prominence, so it has a smaller construction area and less visual impact.
  • Improved pedestrian connection between Beetham Parade and Turnham Street. The station forecourt plaza will also make it easier to move around the precinct.
  • Minimal impact on Rosanna Parklands, saving hundreds of trees from being removed. We can also plant more large growing trees around the rail bridge.
  • Improved lighting in public areas and good visibility to discourage anti-social behaviours.

The design for removing the Lower Plenty Road level crossing also includes a new railway station for Rosanna.

3D model of the proposed design video

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Image gallery

Before and after image slider of the proposed Rosanna Station

360º images of proposed designs

View from the corner of Lower Plenty Road and Ellesmere Parade


View from the corner of Lower Plenty Road and Turnham Avenue


Inside the forecourt of the new Rosanna Station


View from the platforms at the new Rosanna Station


Construction impacts

In March 2017, we will be:

  • establishing work areas, site offices and parking for workers
  • installing barriers and fencing around the worksites
  • beginning to remove vegetation in the construction zone for the Hurstbridge line duplication, including tree removal where this is unavoidable (further details included in Flora and Fauna fact sheet)

During these works, activity and noise will be noticeable from construction machinery and short-term road and pedestrian diversions may be required. Every effort will be made to ensure disruption to local residents is minimised.


To minimise disruption, we will only shut down the rail line when necessary. Disruptions  include:

  • an extended weekend shutdown from 8:00pm Friday 21 April to the last service Monday 24 April. Normal train services will resume for ANZAC Day (Tuesday 25 April)
  • a temporary disruption to weekday and weekend services from early October (for approximately two weeks)
  • a major construction blitz in January 2018
  • traffic modifications when necessary to ensure the safety of the public and our workers.

Residents and commuters will receive notices leading up to these shutdowns.

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Community drop-in sessions

Thank you to those who came along to our two community drop-in sessions at the Rosanna Cub Scouts Hall during February. Both sessions were very well attended and we received some great feedback from the community about the colours, materials and  ideas for the space under the bridge along Ellesmere Parade.

Join the conversation

If you weren't able to attend our community drop-in sessions, the designs that were on display can be still be viewed at our our online engagement hub.

Next steps

The feedback we received will help inform the final design, including:

  • the building materials and colours to be used for the station precinct and the Lower Plenty Road bridge
  • the landscaping and open space under the new rail bridge.

Once the designs are finalised, they will be presented to the community along with changes and improvements to the road network.

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Other projects on the Hurstbridge line

The Lower Plenty Road level crossing removal and new Rosanna Station are being delivered in conjunction with the Grange Road level crossing removal and as part of the Hurstbridge Rail Line Upgrade



Project stage What's involved
2016 – Planning
  • Site investigations
  • Identification of design options
  • Stakeholder engagement
Mid to late 2016 – Options development
  • Community consultation
  • Presentation of options
  • Design options announced
Mid to late 2016 – Procurement
  • Project is put to tender
  • Preferred bidder selected
Early 2017 – Pre construction
  • Contract award
  • Detailed design
  • Enabling works
  • Design announced
2017 – Construction Works commence – ongoing community engagement, project updates
2019 – Completion Project completion


What does the Lower Plenty Road level crossing removal project involve?

The project will include the separation of the railway line from Lower Plenty Road to improve safety and reduce congestion. It also includes building a new train station at Rosanna.

Why are you removing the Lower Plenty Road level crossing?

The level crossing is a major congestion point for thousands of motorists each day, particularly during the weekday morning peak between 7:00am and 9:00am, when the boom gates are down for around 43 minutes.

Removing the boom gates will mean no more level crossing queues for the 17,000 vehicles that use the level crossing each weekday.

Will you impact the Rosanna train station building?

Yes, a new station will be built at Rosanna.

Will the Rosanna Station continue to be a host station?

Yes, it will continue to be a host station with staff in the morning peak.

Will the new bridge blend in with the existing buildings?

We've lowered the height of the rail bridge, ensuring that both the bridge and the new station will sit lower than the surrounding buildings on Beetham Parade. This will minimise the visual impact the new bridge will have on the village feel in the Rosanna shopping precinct. This reflects community feedback seeking to minimise the visual impact of the chosen design.

When will the Lower Plenty Road level crossing be removed?

Construction commenced in March 2017 and will be completed by 2019.

When did design commence?

Design development work started in early 2016, around the same time we started consulting with the community. Feedback from community consultation was used to help develop the design.

Will the level crossing removal result in increased noise from trains?

The project will meet the thresholds set out in the Victorian Government's Passenger Rail Infrastructure Noise Policy. Under this policy, if noise modelling shows that residents living near the new infrastructure will experience an increase in operational noise of more than a few decibels, then we must consider ways to mitigate the noise.

What is an alliance?

Under an alliance contract, a state agency (in this case the Level Crossing Removal Authority) works collaboratively with private sector parties to develop designs and deliver the project.

The Victorian Government has announced that an alliance of Laing O'Rourke, Fulton Hogan and Jacobs has been chosen as the construction partner for the Hurstbridge Rail Line Upgrade, which includes the Lower Plenty Road, Rosanna level crossing removal. The upgrade also includes the removal of the level crossing at Grange Road, Alphington and the duplication of the Hurstbridge line between Heidelberg and Rosanna stations.

When will you consult with the community regarding this project?

We started consulting with the community in mid 2016 and this process is continuing into 2017 as we consult the community on the design, including building materials and colours, as well as landscaping and open space.

Does the rail corridor need to be widened to accommodate the works?

No. The new structures will be confined to the existing rail corridor. The new Rosanna station will be constructed on the existing site and within the existing rail reserve. The duplication of the Hurstbridge Line between Heidelberg and Rosanna will be constructed on the eastern side of the existing tracks, within the rail corridor.

Are you acquiring any properties?

No. As the permanent changes will all be within the rail corridor, there will be no acquisition of property. We will need to use some properties during construction, but this use will only be temporary.

Will the project be using any other land?

Some publicly and privately owned land will be used temporarily during construction. This will be for things such as site offices, parking for workers, and storage of construction materials and equipment. When we use land temporarily we generally enter into a lease with the owner under which we agree to pay rent and, if necessary, to reinstate the land to its previous condition when we leave.

Will there be any residential or retail developments as part of the project?

As part of the project, we are looking at ways to enhance the Heidelberg Station and Rosanna Station precincts, including residential and retail development, better connections and community spaces.

We'll be talking to the community about future development within these precincts in 2017.