Kororoit Creek Road is used by 22,000 vehicles each day and is part of VicRoads’ Principal Freight Network. It is a key transport corridor that connects the Williamstown North industrial precinct, nearby ports, and residential areas to the Princes Freeway.

Removing the boom gates will create better freight connections, improve traffic flow, remove the risk of incidents between passenger trains and road vehicles including large freight vehicles and provide safer passage for pedestrians and cyclists.

As part of the project we are also partially duplicating the Altona Loop to help improve service reliability.

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Works are underway to remove the level crossing at Kororoit Creek Road in Williamstown North and partially duplicate the Altona Loop.

The project includes construction of a new rail bridge and duplication of 800 metres of track in the Altona Loop, to allow space for trains to pass each other. This will mean more reliable trains, reducing the likelihood of cancellations and delays.

In the second half of 2017 our works crews relocated underground services, laid cabling under Kororoit Creek Road and installed a safe crossing for machinery over the train tracks.

Over the summer we will continue to prepare the area for the construction of the rail bridge and removal of the level crossing.

Most of our works can be done while the train line and roads remain open, however some closures will be necessary to carry out work safely. Visit our disruptions page for further details


Following early planning to inform what options were feasible for the removal of the level crossing and community consultations in early 2016, we arrived at 'rail over road' as the preferred solution.

This will involve construction of a rail bridge over Kororoit Creek Road to carry both the existing and new duplicated track.

Activate's design has incorporated feedback from the local community. Most construction can be carried out while trains are still running, which means less disruption for commuters. A dual-rail structure will ensure more natural light under the bridge, with native trees and shrubs to be planted in the area.

Overview video

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Ground level view

Why rail over road?

The Kororoit Creek Road site is unique and there were numerous factors leading to this preferred solution, including:

  • Critical oil and fuel pipelines underground – assets and access points for the Mobil refinery constrain where and how deep we could dig
  • High water table – taking the road or the rail underground in a cutting would create difficulties in flood prevention
  • Environmental conditions – a high likelihood of contaminated land, which adds complexity and risk
  • Access to businesses and local roads – a road solution would necessitate cutting off direct access to Racecourse Road as well as a number of businesses on Kororoit Creek Road
  • No land acquisitions needed in this solution



Project stage

What's involved

November 2015 - December 2016

Three-phase community consultation program

Mid-July 2017
Site establishment

Construction of access and truck routes
Preparing the site for construction, including setting up a project office
Establish site access from Kororoit Creek Road

August - October 2017
Early construction works

Install barriers along rail line

October 2017 – April 2018
Offline construction works

Track works in preparation for occupation of the rail line
Install piling pads and hard stands
Early bridge construction works

Mid-May – early July 2018
Main occupation period

Online works in rail corridor to duplicate rail track and install new rail bridge

July – September 2018

Pavement works on Kororoit Creek Road and Racecourse Road
Landscaping and planting
Complete shared user path
Install lighting

Late September 2018
Completion of works

Demobilisation and completion of project

Construction impacts

Most of our works can be done while the train line and roads remain open, however some closures will be necessary to carry out work safely. Visit our disruptions page for further details


We have been talking and listening to the community about the bridge design, our schedule of works and how we can reduce impacts to the local area, commuters and traders during construction.

Local residents, businesses and other stakeholders will be kept up to date with the project and its progress via website updates, regular bulletins and letterbox drops, local newspaper advertising, onsite information boards and community information displays.

Stakeholder Liaison Group

Our Stakeholder Liaison Group meets regularly to ensure that local community members have a voice on issues that affect them during construction.

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Western Package community update – November 2017

Consultation and submissions summary report

Western Package community update – May 2017

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When will the Kororoit Creek Road level crossing be removed?

Construction commenced in 2017 for completion in 2018.

We will keep the community up to date throughout construction, including advance notice for any disruptions to road or rail travel during this period.

Will there be disruptions to the Altona Loop service?

Like all major infrastructure projects disruptions are to be expected. An extended closure of the Altona Loop for up to 60 days is expected mid-2018. We will work to keep this disruption to an absolute minimum and inform commuters of planned disruptions.

During disruptions Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) will deliver service replacements that match the existing service.

Will roads be closed during construction?

There are no extended closures for Racecourse Road or Kororoit Creek Road expected as the majority of works can be conducted in the rail corridor. Temporary road closures may be required during bridge construction, however this work will be conducted at night or on weekends. Advance notice will be provided for any closures.