Eel Race Road and Station Street, Carrum both intersect the Frankston line and meet with Nepean Highway. A number of local businesses front onto Station Street, which is a main thoroughfare via McLeod Road to reach the Nepean Highway.

Many drivers avoid this congestion hotspot by using the Eel Race Road level crossing and backstreets as a route between the Nepean Highway and McLeod Road.

Boom gates are down at the Station Street level crossing for an average of 49 minutes between 7:00am and 9:00am, and 21 minutes at the Eel Race Road level crossing, holding up a combined average of 17,500 drivers and many pedestrians who travel through Carrum daily.

Latest news

As part of the traffic improvements in Carrum, the level crossing at Eel Race Road will be closed and a new walking and cycling underpass will be created. The underpass will link to a new, continuous path that will run from Carrum to Frankston. The path will also connect to other existing paths in the area, making it easier to travel between suburbs and connecting communities along the bay.

Construction work will begin in Carrum in early 2018 with the construction of the new Station Street road bridge across Patterson River. The bridge will open in late 2018. The Station Street road bridge is the first stage of works to remove three dangerous level crossings. A new Carrum Station will be built and McLeod Road will be extended right through to the beach.

The Victorian Government has awarded a consortium comprising Lendlease, Acciona Coleman and WSP, the contract to remove the Carrum level crossings. The LXRA will work with the Lendlease consortium and Metro Trains Melbourne to build the project.

Carrum will also be transformed into a modern, connected and vibrant bayside suburb with:

  • new community spaces including beach promenade and village square
  • dozens of additional car parks, providing better access to Carrum’s beach and shops
  • streetscaping and landscaping along Station Street and the Nepean Highway.

Traffic improvements

When the three dangerous and congested level crossings are removed getting around Carrum will be easier and safer for everyone.

With the new McLeod Road extension to Nepean Highway:

  • congestion in Carrum will be significantly reduced, and drivers will no longer rat-run through local roads.
  • Valetta Street, Kalimna Street, Walkers Road and Eel Race Road will be safer and quieter.

The Eel Race Road changes will mean that:

  • local roads will be safer for drivers, riders and residents, particularly for children around Carrum Primary School.
  • overall, drivers will experience a decrease in travel times through the area, however there will be a short increase in distance travelled for some local traffic heading south towards Frankston.

New Carrum Station

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2018 Construction starts on Station Street road bridge across Patterson River.
Late 2018 Preparation works for Carrum level crossing removals.
Station Street road bridge across Patterson River will open.
2019 Carrum Train Storage Facility gone.
Major works start to remove Carrum's level crossings.

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