Camp Road is one of northern Melbourne’s busiest east-west arterial roads, carrying approximately 20,000 vehicles per day. It intersects the Upfield railway line in Campbellfield, and when the boom gates close to allow trains to pass, the build-up of vehicles leads to lengthy delays and causes congestion.

The North West Program Alliance, comprising of Level Crossing Removal Authority, John Holland, KBR and Metro Trains Melbourne, will be delivering the project with works commencing from July and the crossing to be removed by early 2018.

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Once the Camp Road level crossing is removed, John Holland/KBR will then have the opportunity to remove the level crossings at Buckley Street in Essendon, Glenroy Road in Glenroy, Bell Street in Coburg, and Moreland Road in Brunswick.


The level crossing will be removed by lowering the rail line into a trench under Camp Road. Future proofing has been a key part of the design to remove the crossing, which allows for the following to be constructed as part of future works:

  • a second track on the Upfield line between Gowrie and Upfield stations
  • widening of Camp Road to allow for traffic growth
  • potential future station at Campbellfield
  • the Upfield bicycle path extension.

The road bridge will have four lanes for traffic as well as a pedestrian and cycle path on each side.

Works will begin later this year, with the crossing removed by early 2018.

What a rail trench may look like

See design detail below

See design detail below





February 2017

Fast-track level crossing removal.

May 2017

Construction partner announced.


Site establishment/service relocation. Minor weekend works through July.

Late 2017

Major works take place.

Early 2018

Level crossing removed.

Construction impacts

Construction will commence for preliminary works over the weekend of 28-30 July, with buses replacing trains on the Upfield line between Upfield and Coburg Stations.

Camp Road will remain open during these weekend works, however some temporary lane closures will be in place with traffic management onsite to assist. Every effort will be made to minimise disruptions to local traffic and commuters and we will keep you informed as works progress.

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Community consultation

Earlier this year we asked the community for feedback on the design to remove the crossing and also provide the opportunity for people to meet the project team. We will continue to work with the surrounding community to minimise any construction impacts.

In the lead up to our major works and throughout the project, one of our primary focuses will be continuing to support local businesses through a range of communication and promotion initiatives. We will work with local businesses on an "Open for Business" communication campaign and encourage you to continue shopping local and support your community.


When will the Camp Road level crossing be removed?

A contract to remove the crossing was awarded to John Holland/KBR in May 2017. Works to remove the crossing will begin later this year with the crossing gone in early 2018.

How will the camp road level crossing be removed?

The rail line will be lowered under Camp Road and a new road bridge will replace the level crossing. This solution will future-proof for other potential future transport improvements including:

  • a second track on the Upfield line between Gowrie and Upfield stations
  • widening of Camp Road to allow for traffic growth
  • potential future station at Campbellfield
  • the Upfield bicycle path extension.

What construction impacts can the community expect?

We aim to remove the level crossing in Camp Road with the least possible disruption to local businesses, locals, public transport commuters and road users.

During construction, there will be some changes and disruptions to bus services, traffic, pedestrian access and train services with short bus trips between Gowrie and Upfield stations. We will keep you informed in advance about these changes through a range of engagement channels - including online updates, letterbox drops and face to face meetings, and we will work with you to reduce the impact.

Why was the community not consulted on other potential design options?

The community was not consulted on the alternative design options; rail over road, road under rail and road over rail. Technical and site investigations determined that these were not feasible options for the removal of the Camp Road level crossing. These alternative options were considered, but were ruled out due to site constraints such as:

  • significant land acquisition
  • impacts on adjacent business access
  • major re-routing of Camp Road affecting traffic and businesses
  • reduced site lines creating safety issues for vehicles approaching Sydney Road
  • major alterations to the Western Ring Road.