Buckley Street is one of the key arterials in Melbourne’s inner north-west, connecting Keilor and Avondale Heights in the west with Mount Alexander Road in the east. It carries approximately 11,000 vehicles per day.

The boom gates at the Buckley Street level crossing are down for an average of 78 minutes in the two hours between 7:00am and 9:00am on weekdays.


There's been plenty happening on the project to remove the Buckley Street level crossing. We have investigated a number of design options and have a preferred option that:

  • avoids private land acquisition
  • improves traffic flow through and around the area
  • has a shorter construction time, minimising road and rail shutdowns
  • improves safety for pedestrians and school students
  • maintains the heritage listed station.

Our design of lowering Buckley Street under the rail line allows for both the Park and Puckle Street level crossings to be removed in the future.

Please refer to the preliminary options assessment page for the designs, with a list of benefits and challenges for each:

Preliminary options assessment page

Project status

With the planning stage complete, Expressions of Interest have been sought for construction partners to remove this level crossing, along with other level crossings in Melbourne's west and north west. This tender process brings the project forward, meaning construction will begin in late 2017 and finish in 2019.

Project lifecycle

Date Stage
Late 2016


  • Site investigations
  • Assessment of design options
  • Lowering Buckley Street under rail line presented as preferred option
Early 2017


  • Community input on design elements (open space opportunities, pedestrian/bicycle access, lighting, landscaping)
Mid to late 2017


  • Construction partner announced
  • Refinement of design including community inputs
Late 2017


  • Ongoing community consultation
  • Construction commences (early works)
Late 2017 to 2019


  • Ongoing community consultation
  • Project completion, 2019



Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback on the design options we presented to in December. 

The preferred design for the removal of the level crossing is to lower Buckley Street under the rail line.

The key project benefits you asked us to focus on include:

  • efficient traffic flow
  • accessibility to local schools, shops and public transport
  • connectivity and safety.

Community engagement hub

Visit our community engagement hub and provide your feedback about the removal of the Buckley Street level crossing.

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Why are you removing the boom gates on Buckley Street, Essendon?

The level crossing is a major congestion point for thousands of motorists each day, particularly during the weekday morning peak between 7:00am and 9:00am, when the boom gates are down for around 78 minutes.

Removing the boom gates will mean no more queues for the 15,000 vehicles that use the level crossing each weekday.

What about the Park Street and Puckle Street level crossing?

Lowering Buckley Street under the rail line allows for both the Park and Puckle Street level crossings to be removed in the future.

Are you removing the other level crossings on the Craigieburn Line?

There are 170 level crossings in Melbourne. We are tasked with removing 50 of these. Each level crossing comes with its own environment and its own community, and often there's discussion about removing others in the area.

Our priority is to get rid of the level crossings we've been tasked with removing and ensure that we make allowances for future infrastructure projects.

When will the level crossing in Buckley Street be removed?

A contract to remove the crossing will be awarded by mid 2017 with construction to commence in late 2017. Construction is expected to be completed by 2019.

Lowering Buckley Street under the rail line – why is this the preferred design?

Lowering Buckley Street beneath the railway line presents a strong opportunity to transform Essendon Station and the local precinct, creating a connected transport hub and revitalised community area. It will not involve any acquisition of private or commercial property and will have no impact on the heritage station precinct.

It also minimises rail shutdown times during construction, which means the least possible inconvenience to commuters.

What construction impacts can the community expect?

We are committed to removing the level crossing in Buckley Street with the least possible disruption to the local community, public transport commuters and road users.

During construction, there will be some changes and disruptions to train services, bus services, road traffic and pedestrian access, as well as construction impacts such as noise and dust. We will keep you informed in advance about these changes through a range of engagement channels - including online updates, letterbox drops and face to face meetings - and we will work with you to reduce the impact.