Buckley Street is one of the key arterials in Melbourne’s inner north-west, connecting Keilor and Avondale Heights in the west with Mount Alexander Road in the east. It carries approximately 11,000 vehicles per day.

The boom gates at the Buckley Street level crossing are down for an average of 78 minutes in the two hours between 7:00am and 9:00am on weekdays.

Latest news

The Victorian Government recently awarded the contract for the Craigieburn line level crossing removals to an Alliance, comprising the Level Crossing Removal Authority and John Holland/KBR. Works to remove the Buckley Street crossing will begin later this year, with the crossing to be removed by 2019.


Our plan to lower Buckley Street into an underpass under the train line includes new service roads to maintain local access. It also:

  • increases safety by separating school students and pedestrians from Buckley Street traffic
  • improves public transport connections while maintaining the heritage station
  • creates new public open space
  • improves access to local shops, homes and schools via new service roads
  • allows traffic to travel freely along Buckley Street, without being held up by boom gates or traffic lights.

Lowering Buckley Street under the rail line does not preclude the removal of the Park Street and Puckle Street level crossings in future.

Please refer to the preliminary options assessment page for the designs, with a list of benefits and challenges for each.

Preliminary options assessment page

Video showing design options

View the video and transcript.



Date Stage
May 2017
  • Construction partner announced
Mid to late 2017
  • Consultation
  • Design development
  • Approvals
Late 2017
  • Early works start
Early 2018
  • Major works start
  • Level crossing removed

What's next

Now we have our construction partner, work begins on the detailed design phase.

This involves further traffic design, including maximising connections to the surrounding shops, schools and services, and also improving public transport connections.

Together, we will be back out in the community seeking your feedback on:

  • open space opportunities such as lighting, pedestrian and bicycle access
  • traffic impacts during construction
  • improving public transport connections
  • your ideas to improve the local area
  • heritage station improvements
  • enhancing the Essendon Station precinct area.



Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback on the design options we presented to in December 2016. 

The key project benefits you asked us to focus on include:

  • efficient traffic flow
  • accessibility to local schools, shops and public transport
  • connectivity and safety.

Community engagement hub

Visit our community engagement hub and provide your feedback about the removal of the Buckley Street level crossing.

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Why are you removing the boom gates on Buckley Street, Essendon?

The level crossing is a major congestion point for thousands of motorists each day, particularly during the weekday morning peak between 7:00am and 9:00am, when the boom gates are down for around 78 minutes.

Removing the boom gates will mean no more queues for the 11,000 vehicles that use the level crossing each weekday.

What about the Park Street and Puckle Street level crossings?

Lowering Buckley Street under the rail line allows for both the Park and Puckle Street level crossings to be removed in the future.

Are you removing the other level crossings on the Craigieburn Line?

Yes, the Glenroy Road level crossing will be removed by 2022.

When will the level crossing in Buckley Street be removed?

The level crossing will be removed by 2019.

Design development, consultation and approvals will continue through mid-2017. Detailed design will take place in mid to late 2017, early works to start in late 2017, and major works to begin early 2018.

Why is a road under the rail option selected to remove the level crossing?

The Level Crossing Removal Authority is confident that the recommended road underpass design is the best solution for the removal of the Buckley Street level crossing. It puts safety first, involves no property acquisition, maintains current connections, significantly improves traffic flow along Buckley Street and is designed to allow for future improvements in the wider area.

This design was recommended following extensive technical investigation of all available options, including lowering the rail line under the road. The recommendation has been made in consultation with planners and key transport operators. It has also been presented to the community, where it has received a positive response. 

How long will the road and rail need to be closed for during construction?

More information about any temporary closure details will be known closer to construction.

This is the least disruptive solution to remove the crossing, with most of the construction work delivered while trains are running and Buckley Street remains open.

Any temporary road or rail closures will be communicated to the community well in advance, and the project will work with the community and traders to minimise any impacts.