The Bell Street level crossing is a cause of delay for the 41,000 vehicles that use the crossing each day. These vehicles are often at a standstill waiting at the boom gates which are down for up to 30 minutes between 7:00am and 9:00am weekdays.

What's happening

Removal of the Bell Street, Coburg level crossing is in the early planning stage. The level crossing will be removed as part of a package of works that will remove five level crossings in Melbourne's north west.

Latest news

Expressions of interest for removing the level crossings on the Upfield and Craigieburn lines closed September 2016. John Holland and Kellogg Brown Root, and CPB Contractors and Aurecon Australasia have been invited to submit a request for proposal. The successful bidder will initially remove the Camp Road level crossing and will have the opportunity to later remove others, including the Bell Street, Coburg level crossing. We will announce the preferred contractor mid 2017.

Project development

We are conducting early site investigations which will provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges of the site from an engineering and construction perspective. These include geotechnical, site surveys, and flora and fauna investigations.

We are investigating four ways to remove the level crossing. These are:

  • lowering the road under the railway line
  • raising the road over the railway line
  • lowering the railway line under the road, in a trench
  • raising the railway line over the road.


When a removal date for the level crossing is announced we'll be out in the community seeking feedback and ideas about how a design can meet local needs.

We are calling for anyone interested in the removal of this level crossing to register their interest to receive project updates and notifications of upcoming events.

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What benefits will there be from removing the level crossing?

Removing the level crossing will:

  • Help to reduce congestion in the Melbourne's inner north by improving traffic flow
  • Provide a safer crossing point for pedestrian, cyclists and drivers travelling across the Upfield line
  • Create hundreds of jobs during construction.

How do we decide on a design option?

The selection of a design option to remove a level crossing depends on the unique characteristics of each site, the benefits and impacts to the local community of the various options and input from the local community and stakeholders, such as local council, residents and businesses.

When will the community get a say?

Community consultation is an important part of the Level Crossing Removal Project and will help inform the development of the design options.

We are in the early planning stage of the project and there will be numerous opportunities to get involved and provide feedback as the project progresses.

When will the crossing be removed?

The Bell Street level crossing removal is currently scheduled to be removed between 2018 and 2022. Specific construction timeframes will be confirmed once consultation has been completed and the final design has been chosen.