James Barry – Nadrasca Senior Printer

[Vision: The print workshop]

I've only been here a short while but I've really enjoyed it and it's been a lot different, and rewarding, and that's due to the type of organisation that Nadrasca is.

We are a fully operational print shop. The only difference is that we employ supported work staff.

We produce everything that anyone outside could do.

Well what we've been doing for the Level Crossing Authority, employs anything from five to 40 participants.

Wayne Famer – Nadrasca employee

I've been working for 34 years at Nadrasca.

I work for 38 hours to Monday to Friday.

This goes in there, all the way along, and then you just start turning the handle here, just keep it going.

Trinity O'Rourke – Bayswater Level Crossing Removal Project

The partnership has been perfect. It's a really good relationship.

Initially we engaged Nadrasca to print and distribute our community newsletters, which is a bi-monthly edition that goes out to about 12,500 residents and businesses.

We've actually increased the scope because they've done such a good job with the newsletters.

So they've done pretty much all of the collateral now that we send out to the communities. All of that work is now done by Nadrasca.

Being able to get this information out to people and have it printed in a really high quality fashion, and distribute it in a timely manner, has been fantastic.

It's been a really good opportunity to get a great fit in there with the right social enterprise.

James Barry

All the staff that we have come through the print shop, they all enjoy being in there.

And they enjoy the work that they do, and they're very quality conscious and focused on the job that's put in front of them, yeah.

They're not in a rush to go out the door at the end of the day.