Aviation Road is a highly used local road that connects Laverton and Point Cook to the Princes Freeway and provides access to the nearby train stations.

The Aviation Road level crossing is used by 7000 vehicles daily and is a key point for local traffic to cross the Werribee line. The boom gates create a significant source of delay and congestion for commuter traffic in the Laverton area.

Latest news

Pending the successful completion of other level crossing removals, the Aviation Road, Laverton level crossing will be removed by the Western Program Alliance, a partnership between LXRA, Metro Trains Melbourne and construction companies McConnell Dowell, Arup and Mott MacDonald.

Project update

We’re moving ahead with plans to remove the dangerous and congested Aviation Road level crossing, so that early construction works can start in late 2018.

Based on initial technical considerations we have narrowed the options to three possible road designs – a road bridge and two options where the road would be lowered under the tracks.

All three options are on a similar alignment and will close the current road crossing over the rail lines. Instead, Aviation Road will tie in with the existing roundabout along Railway Avenue, cross the rail line and join Maher Road on a new alignment approximately 500 metres long.

We will also provide new pedestrian and cyclist access across the rail lines and into the existing station. This can be constructed via an underpass or an overpass.

We can do most of the construction work with minimal disruption to the road network and the regional, metro and freight trains.

View the Aviation Road Preliminary Design Options for further information.

We will continue to undertake technical investigations and seek community input as we work towards identifying a recommended option in early 2018.


In late 2017, we sought community feedback on the three preliminary design options.

We received strong support for the project and heard about some important aspects we need to consider as part of the design and delivery of the project.

Feedback from the community highlighted the following key themes:

  • improved accessibility and connectivity to other modes of transport
  • safe and easy access to Aircraft Station
  • increased and more formalised car parking
  • enhanced look and feel of the area
  • potential flooding and noise during and following construction.

The feedback we received will help us to understand what is important to the community and what we need to consider as we develop a recommended design for the removal of the level crossing.

Read more in the community engagement summary.

Following further technical investigations, we will be coming back out to the community in early 2018 to consult on a recommended design solution.

Western package

The Aviation Road level crossing will be one of six to be removed by a consortium including McConnell Dowell, Arup and Mott MacDonald.

Partnering with LXRA and Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), the consortium will initially deliver the Kororoit Creek Road level crossing removal project and partial duplication of the Altona Loop. They will then have the opportunity to deliver the Aviation Road level crossing removal project and four more across Melbourne.

The other four crossings in the western package of works include Abbotts Road in Dandenong South, Ferguson Street in Williamstown, and Cherry and Werribee Streets in Werribee.

Work has begun to remove the level removal crossings at Kororoit Creek Road and Abbotts Road and these will be delivered progressively to help industry build and maintain skilled workforces.


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Staying in touch

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Community engagement - February 2018

Western package community update – November 2017

Western Package community update – May 2017


When will the crossing be removed?

The Aviation Road level crossing removal is currently scheduled to be removed in 2020 with early works to start in late 2018.

What benefits will there be from removing the level crossing?

Removing the level crossing will:

  • Help to reduce congestion on Aviation and Point Cook roads by improving traffic flow
  • Provide a safer crossing point for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers travelling across the Werribee line
  • Create jobs during construction
  • Allow for increased train services to run on the Werribee line in the future.

How do we decide on a design option?

The selection of a design option to remove a level crossing depends on the unique characteristics of each site, the benefits and impacts to the local community of the various options and input from the local community and stakeholders, such as local council, residents and businesses.

How will you be using feedback provided by the community?

Community consultation is a critical part of the Level Crossing Removal Project.

We will use the feedback we have received to understand what is important to the community and what we need to consider as we develop a recommended design for the removal of the level crossing.

Following further technical investigations, we will be coming back to the community in early 2018 to consult on a recommended design solution.

Have you decided on the final design for the level crossing removal at Aviation Road?

No. There are several design options when removing a level crossing. Based on initial technical investigations, we have narrowed it down to three design solutions:

  • A road over the rail lines
  • Lowering the road under the rail lines with a new roundabout connection
  • Lowering the road under the rail lines with a new T-intersection.

We will undertake further investigations into these options before a recommended design is determined. Constructability, cost, technical constraints, impacts to rail operations and road traffic and development opportunities, as well as community feedback are all taken into consideration when developing the recommend design.

When will the recommended design be announced?

The recommended design is expected to be announced in early 2018.  Following this, we will seek further community input in varying degrees on aspects of the final design. Look out for further opportunities for how you can provide feedback.