[Vision:  Aerial view of construction site]

Female in office

What I like is looking at the bigger picture of what we’re doing.

[Vision:  Female in office speaking]

It’s nice to be a part of changing Melbourne for the better.

Male in check shirt

[Vision:  Staff chatting]

Even at the pace we work at, everybody still has the time to say hello, take time out to welcome the Grads into the organisation.

Female in high viz and helmet

It’s a really hands-on environment which means that even though you’re in a graduate position you do get to work on a lot of different parts of the project.

[Vision:  Staff chatting]

And I definitely feel like I’ve already been able to contribute, which I didn’t imagine I would do in my first six months. And the people are just really amazing to work with.

[Vision:  Workers on construction site - Female in high viz speaking - time lapse of night works]

They’re all really highly motivated and they’re all passionate about delivering one of Melbourne’s biggest projects.

Female in pink shirt

It’s always changing. There’s new things that are going to walk through the door every day, which means that it’s a dynamic environment, it’s a fast-paced environment.

Female in office

Everyone’s really happy to help you out. Everyone’s really inclusive, welcoming, you know, there’s always a challenge. There’s lots of stuff you can learn, and you actually do feel like you’re being prepared for a really great career in whatever discipline you’re in.