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I decided to apply for LXRA because I was really keen to get some hands-on experience in communications and state relations.

[Vision:  Construction site - aerial view of construction site]

I definitely didn’t imagine myself to be working in the construction industry, but the opportunity to work on one of Melbourne’s biggest infrastructure projects was too good to pass up.

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Where I live I’m actually surrounded by quite a few level crossings.

[Vision:  Aerial view of partially completed roadworks]

And when I saw the completed works at the level crossing closest to my house I saw the impact that it had on the community, and the impact that it had on the roads.

[Vision:  Aerial view of road and train line]

It really made me want to be a part of that.

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I decided to apply for LXRA because I thought the Graduate Program would be a great opportunity to get in at the ground level and learn whilst in the work environment.

[Vision:  Aerial view of construction]

And also the scope and scale of what we do here at Level Crossings is amazing and a great experience.

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I was pretty unsure of what direction I wanted to go when I finished my civil engineering degree and being in LXRA I’ve had exposure to client, consultant, design and site field, so it’s really helping me make my mind up about what I want to go into in the future.