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The induction week for the Level Crossings Graduate Program was really great.

[Vision:  Graduates mingling and chatting]

It was held at the MCG across the whole week, and it was a really good chance to get to know the other graduates before starting the real work.

[Vision:  Speakers and staff mingling and chatting - speakers speaking to grads - Kevin Devlin speaking to Grads]

It was also really awesome to be able to hear from some of the leaders in LXRA, so the CEO, Kevin Devlin, spoke to us along with a bunch of really influential and important people in the organisation.

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And it was nice to know that they were interested in the Graduate Program, and they were really excited to have us all on board.

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Then we were back in the office. We went on site tours.

[Vision:  Grads doing fun activities - staff speaking to grads]

And there was a lot of fun activities which really threw us in the deep end to demonstrate and welcome us to the business.

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[Vision:  Lecturer teaching Grads in learning and development session - people mingling and chatting]

We also received a number of learning and development sessions, so it was a really good week and capped off with an event where we got to meet all the staff at LXRA as well.

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I think it was a really good opportunity to actually meet your fellow Grads and get to know them. And it also provided you a chance to meet your buddy and sort of get an in which was really good, so that when you actually rocked up on the first day it wasn’t like you didn’t know anyone. You actually had all the Grads and your buddy who was there to help you through the day.