Tell us about yourself.

I am a Law Graduate, currently working in the in-house legal team within LXRA.

What is a typical day as a Grad?

There are no typical days – with each day so far, I have learnt something new. Some days can be very busy, with work needing to be done across multiple work packages and on other days I can spend the whole day really getting to the bottom of a single matter. To be specific however, each day I receive work from each of the lawyers in the team. They are all responsible for different areas, which means that I can be looking into many different areas of law on a single day, depending on what they need me to do.

Why did you apply?

I applied to the LXRA Graduate Program because I had heard about the project and wanted to be part of something that was making a lasting impact on Melbourne. I also knew the Authority was making a big effort to be more than just a workplace for its employees, that it had strong values that it tried to bring into all aspects of work life. I also applied after reading about the broader impact the Authority was making by prioritising social inclusion.

What are you hoping to get out of the Graduate Program?

I will be completing my Practical Legal Training in October, which is my number one priority at the moment. Outside of this, I hope to make a real difference in the team I'm working in by utilising the skills I have and will continue to develop as part of the rigorous training schedule that all the Graduates undertake together. I have also made some really strong friendships within the Graduate Program.

What would you say to encourage others to apply?

Everyone at LXRA has been very keen to get me involved in the work they are doing – if you are looking for a Grad Program that will let you hit the ground running, this is for you.