Tell us about yourself

My name is Sonali. I completed my Bachelor of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering end of 2016 at RMIT University and I am from Melbourne.

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently I am working on the Buckley Street Level Crossing Removal Project and it's one of the most interesting projects to be involved in right now. I work closely with Senior Project Engineers and Senior Project Managers in delivering the best design outcomes for the community in Essendon.

Why did you apply?

I applied for the Graduate Program at Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) because it is one of Victoria's largest public infrastructure improvement projects involving the removal of 50 most dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne.

I've always had a direct passion for a safe, sustainable and innovative future. As this is one of the biggest projects in Melbourne and will improve safety for all Melburnians using innovative ideas, it was a great opportunity. The project will help to ensure that Melbourne remains the world's most liveable city.

What would you say to encourage others to apply?

I would highly recommend this opportunity for all new graduates primarily because it is one of the biggest one-off infrastructure improvement projects to be delivered in the next eight years in Melbourne. If you get on board now, you can proudly say down the track that you were part of a multi-billion dollar project to help improve the transport network and safety around Melbourne. 

For all the new graduates who are not quite sure about their future career path, LXRA's Graduate Program offers flexible options to explore different projects and discover what you are truly passionate about. 

Graduates have the opportunity to rotate within a variety of roles so you get a chance to explore other disciplines and understand how the organisation fits together. 

Don't miss this opportunity. Get on board now and let's make Melbourne a better place!