Applications for the 2018 LXRA Graduate Program are now closed.

As a member of the LXRA's Graduate Program you will:

  • possess a range of skills and talents and be willing to experiment in areas outside your comfort zone
  • enjoy working at a fast pace
  • be passionate about growth and learning
  • be driven to discover and innovate new ways to get things done
  • be goal-oriented, brave and altruistic; be committed to leaving places better than before you arrived
  • be open to inspiring and being inspired by your team and peers
  • enjoy working in a project-based, collaborative environment.


To be eligible to apply for the LXRA Graduate Program you must:

  • have completed your undergraduate degree within the last 18 months or will complete it by January 2018 and able to provide evidence of successful completion before the program starts
  • have unlimited work rights as an Australian/New Zealand citizen or permanent resident at the time of application.

If you are a University of Melbourne (UoM) student operating within the Melbourne Model, please note:

  • If you will have completed your Masters at the UoM immediately after completing your undergraduate qualification at the UoM under the Melbourne Model, you are eligible for the 2018 Graduate Program.
  • Where a candidate has not completed their undergraduate qualification at the UoM and then completes a Masters qualification at the UoM, the individual will not be eligible.

Sounds like me how do I apply?

Applications for the 2018 LXRA Graduate Program have now closed.

Our Graduate Program application process has six steps.

Step 1: Online application

July to August 2017

If the LXRA Graduate Program looks and sounds like where you’d like to start your story, please create an account through the Vic Careers portal and submit an application for the Major Transport and Infrastructure Graduate Program, selecting LXRA Graduate Program as your preference. For the application you will need to upload your:

  • CV/Resume
  • academic transcript (official or unofficial)
  • Work Rights (in the form of your Australian or New Zealand Passport, Australian or New Zealand Birth Certificate or Permanent Residency confirmation and home country passport).

Applications for the 2018 LXRA Graduate Program have now closed.

The Graduate Talent Acquisition team will then review your application for eligibility and suitability for the role.

TIP: Make sure to research us and our projects. We want to know WHY you chose us and WHAT skills you can bring to your new role on the project. This means targeting your application and providing honest answers. Also make sure you proof read your application before submitting. Spell check doesn't always work!

Step 2: Video interview

September 2017

Once the Graduate Talent and Acquisition Team has reviewed your application, you may be invited to complete a video interview. The invitation will be sent to the email address you used to submit your application, so make sure to keep an eye on your inbox!

The Graduate Talent and Acquisition Team will email you with all the details on how to complete this step. You will have the opportunity to run through a few practice questions on the site before you start the recording.

TIP: Make sure you read all instructions and find a quiet spot to complete the interview. Take the opportunity to run through the practice questions so you can see the quality of your recording. And dress professionally, even if you're wearing your pyjamas underneath! This is your first  opportunity to present as a real person rather than words on a page. And finally – smile, relax and have fun! We want your personality to shine through!

Step 3: Assessment centre

September/October 2017

All successful candidates from the video interview stage will be invited to attend a group assessment centre. In this session you will have the opportunity to work through a number of group and individual activities. This is your chance to find out more about us, meet our teams, determine/assess your fit and to showcase your skills.

TIP: Act naturally and dress professionally. We want to see your personality and skills, and how you interact with others and work through the activities. You may also like to prepare a few questions about the opportunity, teams, structure, and anything else you might like to know about us.

Step 4: Face-to-face interview

September/October 2017

For some disciplines you may be required to attend a final face-to-face interview with a hiring manager. In this interview, the panel may ask motivational and behavioural based questions, along with giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the role, team, and project.

TIP: In behavioural based questions we are looking for you to provide us with honest and relevant examples of situations you have previously faced and overcome. You may like to consider the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Results) when answering these questions to give structure to your answer. Keep in mind that sometimes we confirm your examples with your referees. Before attending the interview, make sure you know about us, our projects, and why you want to work with us!

Step 5: Background checks

September/October 2017

Before a formal offer can be made, one of our Graduate Talent and Acquisition Team will email you the documents to complete all your background checks. Just follow the instructions and we'll be in touch. If we need to contact your referees we will reach out to request their details.

TIP: If we ask for your referees' details, we encourage you to contact them to provide a rundown of our projects and the role you have applied for, so they can start to think about the relevant information to provide to us. This way you can also update us with any changes to their contact details, preventing any unnecessary delays in this step.

Step 6: Offer

September/October 2017

If you are offered a Graduate role with us, congratulations! We will call you with the good news and email you a contract for you to read through, sign and return to us.

TIP: Make sure you read, sign and return to the team within seven working days and contact us if you have any questions about your offer.